Consultation Services

Brent directing in Wolverhamton, UK.

Are you considering Deaf actors for your project?

Stretch Productions can offer you the best advice to create that character for your project.

Stretch Productions can offer producers, directors, writers and support relating to Deaf issues for theatre, major television programmes, short films and feature films. Stretch Productions can work with your film crew to develop an understanding of the dynamics between Deaf and hearing actors. Stretch Productions are experts at defining the Deaf character including behavioural characteristics from a Deaf cultural perspective, their values, attitudes and emotions.

Stretch Productions can support script writers for both story and character analysis to greatly enhance funding applications.

Stretch Productions also provides workshops with an emphasis on exploring different avenues to create and understand characters. The workshops can assist with defining characters and creating meaningful relationships between Deaf and hearing actors on stage or on location.

Brent as Hank Williams in ďIím So Lonesome I could Cry.Ē
This short film was a directorial debut for Michael Hurst
and screened at Cannes (1994) in a Kiwi shorts showcase.

Stretch Productionsí experience

Brent has extensive experience in working behind and in front of the cameras, not only directing but also some consultancy works, including with South Pacific Pictures, relating to the shaping of characters and discussing ways of covering Deaf aspects appropriately.

In front of the cameras and on stage, Brent has worked with the likes of Michael Hurst, Nat Lees, Michael Mossissey, Mark Wright and Erik Thompson (currently on Packed to the Rafters) to name a few. There have been times when during a shoot or acting on stage Brent would not only act, but also provide expert advice to producers and directors to ensure the script reflected Deaf issues prior to shooting on film or acting on stage.

Testimonial from Odd Socks Productions

Brent ran a two day acting workshop for Odd Socks Productions in June 2010. The workshop focused on character development.
Brent superbly ran the workshop, his knowledge and insight to developing characters for film or theatre and gave all the participants practical tools of how to go deeper when creating characters.

Through out the workshop it was evident that the participants (Deaf and hearing) thoroughly enjoyed and were engaged in learning from Brent.

Many of those participating in Brentís workshop were also actors in Odd Socks devised play Resolve. Brentís workshop gave the actors the knowledge they needed to create back stories for their characters which enabled them work more effectively in the rehearsal room and develop believable characters which was crucial to the play.

Odd Socks were impressed with Brentís knowledge and experience, ability to navigate Deaf and hearing worlds and to engage with all participants. We know that everyone who attended the workshop learnt so much from him. Odd Socks highly recommends Brent and hopes to work with him again in the future.

Nicola Clements
Director of Odd Socks Productions